Remakes I’d Like to Write

1. Brewster’s Millions

2. Grumpy Old Men


A Leek Of Their Own Burger - $5.95
from Bob’s Burgers - Season 4 Episode 4: “My Big Fat Greek Bob”



A Leek Of Their Own Burger - $5.95

from Bob’s Burgers - Season 4 Episode 4: “My Big Fat Greek Bob”


61 Tributes, Hyperboles, Poems, Things About My Favorite Movie I Haven’t Seen Yet: Inside Llewyn Davis


When I first saw the second trailer for Inside Llewyn Davis, I thought, “This is my favorite movie ever.” Not the actual movie, but the trailer. I am the most excited to see this movie. In honor of seeing it later today and the last day of my pre-ILD life, I wrote a whole bunch of things. 61 to be exact (listed in order of when I thought of them). It’s hard to describe what they are, beyond the manifestation of my excitement. I hope you enjoy whatever these are even 1/10000th of how much I intend on enjoying Inside Llewyn Davis.

1. When I grow up, I want to have 2 kids (1 of each), an American bulldog, and a hairless cat and name them all Inside Llewyn Davis. Sorry, I meant Inside Llewyn Davis Jr., as I’m changing my name to Inside Llewyn Davis.

2. Inside Llewyn Davis is the voice of Bob Dylan’s generation.

3. Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Llewyn Davis?
Come Inside Llewyn Davis. I love you for always.

4. Inside Llewyn Davis
The devil in TWO fiddle contests

5. Despite her successful film career (in the wake of We’re The Miller), Jennifer Aniston personally rallies the gang to shoot a new season of Friends, just so Rachel can get the Inside Llewyn Davis haircut.

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I Asked Myself Daily Intel’s “21 Questions”

Daily Intel has this reoccurring feature called “21 Questions.” It’s my absolute favorite. It’s something I’ve always dreamed of being asked to do (another is Grubstreet’s weekly diet thing). However, since I work for and I am not famous, I doubt I’ll ever be asked to do either anytime soon. (This is probably as close as I’ll ever get to doing the diet.) So I decided to DIY it, as it’s very easy to ask yourself other people’s questions. Without further ado…

Name: Jesse David Fox
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Occupation:Associate Editor/Blogger Person for

Who’s your favorite New Yorker, living or dead, real or fictional? 
My dad. I know handful of stories about my dad from when he lived in the city. I like them. There’s one about how he decided to make peking duck from scratch in his Stuyvesant Town apartment. His roommate learned he was doing this when he saw a dead duck hanging by its neck in their shower.

What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in New York? 
Torrisi’s 25-course tasting. I’ve never had another meal that was such a perfect blend of concept and deliciousness. I can go on about this, but there are like tons of questions left.

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